Friday, June 15, 2012


New sim with not many CC :p


Formal Wear

Sleep Wear

Swim Wear

from Exchange
from Mediafire

CC list:

  • Skin is by Ephemera (I think..), but it's not still avaible, I hope that it's download with sim, if not, please contact me on comments, e-mail etc. :p
  • Hair is by Newsea (TSR-pay)
  • Dress from Everyday is by Icia (TSR-pay)
  • Contacts by Escand (MTS)
  • Dress from Formal is from Late Night EP
  • Sleep Wear is from Master Suite 
  • Bottom from Atletic if from Late Night EP

And.. I would forget! GO POLAND!

ps. for the uninformed, Polish football representation play in Euro 2012 :p

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